Cardboard houses

Creating Cardboard Houses

Over the last week our room 6 class mates have been making cardboard houses which we are doing to raise awareness of poor housing in New Zealand.
To begin with we had to draw our design on a piece of paper. We discussed how we wanted our house to look. After that we got big pieces of cardboard and we started to make the shape of the cardboard house. We made a cube shape, our house was shaped like a dice. Then we made a draw bridge. We cut a rectangle shape and left one side sealed. We opened the draw bridge and put some string on it to open and close the door whenever we wanted to. Then the boys said “Hey stop cheating we are only allowed to use cello tape, scissors and cardboard”. Then we said “Okay we will use cello tape to attach the door”. Next we worked on the roof, our roof was like a castle. We stood on our cardboard to make it flat. Then we put our flat roof on top of our walls.

Lastly we made our features. We made a TV so we could watch stuff. We got a box and Tautala cut out a little piece of cardboard and drew some squares for the buttons and a rectangle for the screen. We made a cupboard which had a cup holder in it and to put fake food in it. Then we made a telephone.

I felt happy doing this because I got to make the house with my friends.
Cedar Hohepa Murray

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