Disco Stories

Disco Stories
by Room 2

I was excited.  I grabbed my dancing shoes.  I had a little look at the mirror.
It was dark and I had a glow stick. My mum called me because we were going home. It was fun.
By Miti

When I got there, I got paint on my face.  Then I got a light glow stick, it was bright. Inside I was excited to go in. It was dark and shiny.
The ground felt like it was shaking.
By Teve

When I got there I sat on the chair.  I got a plane and a heart.  I danced and wriggled like a worm.  I ate some sausages and drank lemonade.  Then it was time to go home.
By Jeremy

The disco was exciting. I ran out the door and I got the glowsticks and my face painted.  I danced and danced until I won. When I saw my friends I was surprised.  In the room I saw the big disco ball.  I saw Sio with his moustache.  I heard my favourite song.  It was vibrating, it was great.
By Hussein

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