Alcohol Shop Closing Down Sale…….But NOT CLOSING!?

We’ve all heard of false advertising? In a way the ‘Thirsty Liquor’ shop across the road is doing just that in advertising outside saying ‘closing down sale’ but really it’s a changing of ’people’ behind the counter and the new/old owner ‘person’ (Nishchay’s Enterprises Ltd) is planning to open the shop as an Off-License liquor shop and has applied to the District Licensing Agency Poriura (PCC) asking for a license to sell alcohol Sun-Thurs 9am—9pm,
Fri-Sun– 10pm. The advert is in this week’s Kapi Mana. As the leader of learning in this school I am shocked and disappointed that these people have not taken any notice of our community voice last year saying that
WE DO NOT WANT AN ALCOHOL SHOP across the road from our school. The harm that the sale of liquor in our neighbourhood has done and will continue to do if the license is granted is too great for our children, families and neighbours. Things have im-proved since the last licensee had his hours reduced but it is still not good enough we need to have the shop CLOSED DOWN for GOOD! Come and join myself and members of the wider community who support us in saying NO to the license, next TUESDAY 16 APRIL 3.30—4.30 in the school hall. Please tell your friends and families to join us . We need all the support we can get.


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