Towards the end of Term 1, six children were invited to go Ice Skating in Wellington.   Here is a story that was written by Lolla Aviu. 

My Ice Skating Trip

On Friday the 12th of April, we went Ice Skating.  First, we had to get our bag from our class.  We had to wear the Russell School blue jumpers.  We walked to the van and Whaea Sose took some pictures.  Sione, Tui’ and Max looked cool.  Falea’ana looked handsome in his blue jumper.  We put our bag inside the boot and we went in the van, Whaea Helaina was driving.  We were looking at the sea on our way into Wellington.  We parked the van at the Frank Kitts Car park.  We got out of the van and we got our bag out of the boot.  We then walked in the underground car park, it was very noisy.  We were walking and we took pictures of people Ice Skating.  Whaea Nancy went to pay and then we went to put Ice Skating boots on.  We got orange seals to help us skate.  I fell down and I was laughing.  I got up and tried again.  We took pictures of Tui’, Sione, Max, Falea’ana, Ethan and myself.
We went to have a rest and then went to skate again.  Max was holding on to the seal.  Tui’ fell down on the Ice but she tried again.  Falea’ana fell down too.  It was fun at Ice Skating.  When we finished we had to take our boots off.  We had to go change because we were wet.  Whaea Nancy took the boys to change and Whaea Helaina took the girls to change.  After that, we went to the park to eat and we played at the park.  When we finished playing, we went to get an Ice Cream.  I had a chocolate ice cream.  Then we walked back to the van and put our bags in the boot.  In the van Tui' and me fell asleep.  When we got to school Tui’ woke me up and we got out of the van.  I was so tired but I walked to class.  Everybody said, “Was it fun.”  I said, “Yes.” 

The End 

Lolla Aviu

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  1. This is such an AWESOME piece of writing. Thumbs up to Lolla who worked so hard on this story. Well done!!