Board of Trustee Member Profiles

Rangi Mason Ethnicity – Maori

Kia ora, my name is Rangi Mason originally from, a small coastal town 20kms west of Whakatane in the Eastern Bay of Plenty called Matata, but I have spent the last 25 years living and working in and around Wellington.

My partner is Rosie Faraimo, whom along with her brothers and sisters are all former pupils of Russell school, so Russell School is traditionally our family’s school. We have between us four children 2 girls and 2 boys.

My interests are centred around my family, but I do have a genuine interest in coaching junior sports, softball in particular. Saturday afternoon social softball in the Hutt is my time to stretch my legs and swing the bat, but every year doesn’t get any easier. Winter I keep reserved for my children.  I help out whenever I can but netball is not my sport and I’m not much better at soccer either.


My strengths I believe is my attitude; I relish new challenges and learning new skills extending my comfort zone, my compassion towards helping those around me. My motivating personality which I believe has served me well in my coaching endeavours. I get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment seeing children push themselves being competitive and having a blast at the same time whether on the field or in the classroom.


What I hope to achieve while serving the school as a trustee is to encourage parents like myself to want to be involved in their children’s learning and school life here at Russell School. To see all our children succeed by providing the staff and management team the support they need. And for Russell School to be regarded as a proud, safe and quite simply an awesome school for families to send their children, just like I do.


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