School Library Open Today Wednesday 19 February

Today is the first day for this year that the library is open for our families in the learning community 3.00 - 4.45pm.  Rod will be in the library this afternoon he is there to help you and our children enjoy a quiet place to come and read.  If you would like to join the library Rod will be there to help you, we have books from almost all of our different cultural groups in the community, so come in and join our library and take some books out to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

We would like to find out what the best day to open the library after school is?  Look out for the survey on the back of the next newsletter.

The library is the place to be on a hot day like today........ relaxing with a great book, in an air conditioned room........mmmm I know where I would rather be at 3.00pm!


  1. A great idea and a lovely photo !

  2. We like to visit the Library and try and get there every week